Securing the Spectrum: An Intensive Wireless Security Course for Red and Blue Teams

Take this 12-weeks course to develop the essential skills that you need to become a professional Wireless Network Pentesting and Security Engineer. 

Here's how the course works:


From Beginner to a Wireless Security Professional

Learn the hard and soft skills necessary to succeed: Antenna and Packet theory, WEP/WPA2 Cracking, Rogue AP, Captive Portals, and more!


Craft Your Own Tools for WiFi Cracking and Wireless Intrusion Detection

Walk away from this course with skills to build your own pentesting tools and show it off in your portfolio. 


Blue teaming like a SOC Analyst/Response Handlers

Learn to setup your own Simulated SOC in the Cloud and Analyze wireless traffic under a centralized SIEM System

What’s covered in the course?

BaSH + Powershell + Splunk> for Blue Teaming

Get started with the hard skills and coding language you need to be competitive. Course include BASH, Powershell and SPL(Splunk Processing Language) for Security Enthusiasts

Dashboards and Visualization

Specialize in generating visually digestible reports to instantly stand out from the crowd! You'll learn creating tables, dashboards, and charts in your SIEM tools for better visualization and reporting.


My goal isn't to get you Certified or to get a Job — it's to help you know what you are doing! And I've got the resources to get you there. Stand out of the crowd, Know your stuff!

Learn in and outside of the classroom:

Week 1-3

Wireless Security 101

Setup Lab, Learn hardware and networking theory, Deep analysis of wireless packets and learn methods of cracking WEP/WPA2 and actual working of the attacks (packet level). No fluff!

Week 4-6

Penetrating and Exploiting a Wireless Network

Advanced techniques to penetrate a wireless network. Personal or Enterprise. Mobile or desktop. You'd be able to pwn them all.

Week 7-9

Advanced Wireless Penetration Testing

Create your own Captive portals, Ultimate Evil Twin. Bind all the attacks learned and craft a one-click tool for yourself for targeted WiFi attacks.

Week 10-12 

Wireless Security - Threat hunting and Incident Response

Use Splunk> for threat hunting and Incident response from a centralized dashboard. Generate LIVE security breach events, detectify and how to mitigate them

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