[RWSPS] Rootsh3ll WiFi Security and Pentesting Series- preface

[YB]ANNOUNCEMENT: Series is now complete as per index. For future updates consider following WiFi FAQs Section[/YB]
Are you seeking for complete Wi-Fi Security and Penetration Testing tutorials under one hood? Well, you are at right place.

Rootsh3ll Wi-Fi Security and Pentesting Series (RWSPS) is a complete guide for Wi-Fi Pentesting that will take you through all the challenges faced by aspiring Hackers, Penetration testers, or Security enthusiasts.

What is Rootsh3ll Wi-Fi Security and Pentesting Series?

Rootsh3ll Wi-Fi Security and Pentesting Series (RWSPS)is a Noob friendly Series. So, you can start from this series even if you do not have any Hacking experience.I will start from very basics of installing Kali Linux, How wireless networks works, Breaking network security, Speeding up cracking process, breaking into client and what not.
Hope you will like every chapter of the the series.
Here is a quick list of the topics to be covered.

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You can click on the links to follow the related tutorial in the table below

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: Installing and Configuring Kali Linux

Chapter 2: Understanding Basics of Wi-Fi networks

Chapter 3: Cracking the Wireless Network Security

Chapter 4: Automated Wi-Fi cracking

Chapter 5: Speeding up WPA/WPA2 cracking

Chapter 6: Post Exploiting the Network

Chapter 7: Setting up Rogue Access Point

Chapter 8: FAQs

RWSPS: Frequently Asked Questions

Is RWSPS only for professional hackers ? as i am a noob (Inexperienced hacker), can i follow this series ?

RWSPS is a newbie friendly Wireless Pentesting series.

This series will take you through the very basics of the Wireless hacking and teach you the detailed working of the tools and the Wi-Fi technology.

What is the course duration ?

Maximum course duration will be 45 days. Some chapters will be posted in two or more parts, so that one chapter will be too long to grasp.

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Useful Links:


TP-LINK TL-MR3420 300 MB/s Wireless Router 2x 5dBi antennas

Network Adapters:

Alfa AWUSO36NH High Gain B/G/N USB / Alfa AWUS036NHA B/G/N USB

High Gain Antenna:

Alfa 9dBi WiFi Omni-Directional High-Gain Antenna

USB Drive (32 GB):

SanDisk Ultra Fit  USB 3.0  32GB Pen Drive


Do you like the contents to be covered ? have something new in mind to be added ? let me know in the comment section.