RWSPS: WiFi – Frequently Asked Questions [ch8]



Hello Everyone,

If you are a regular reader of rootsh3ll, you might be familiar with the WiFi Hacking series I have been working on. As per the decided index series is now complete and this is the final chapter of the series.

But I have something that might sound cool to you.

I just thought that there is a whole lot of stuff that you can learn related to WiFi Hacking like

  • Hacking WiFi from Windows
  • Creating and Setting up BotNet using WiFi Malware
  • WiFi Hacking with Android
  • WiFi Hacking with Raspberry-Pi (A project in itself)
  • Different ways to create Evil Twin
  • Sniffing over HTTPS websites from a single host by creating Virtual Hosts using Apache
  • and lot more things

I think that it would be nice if in future, when I’ll be writing other tutorials I will also keep updating this series with the queries that either I think should be addressed and learned or you tell me a problem that you might be facing related to this series either in comments below or email (

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This way this chapter is last but the series is ever expanding.

Also I will be updating the posts along time to make them better to read and understand. But I need some time for that.

Hope you understand 🙂

That’s it for now. Hope you enjoyed the series’ posts till now and I will make sure I make better and better content every next time and you keep on learning stuff.


So what you can do from now is, whenever you face any issue with WiFi Pentesting.

Comment down below or email me.

I will write a dedicated post with your name mentioned to make me address the issue.


What are you waiting for ?

Start practising and invest your time in yourself and make yourself more and more capable.

I need I will definitely help you.

You can catch me on Email( FB/ Twitter. All the links are at the top left cornet of the page.

Hope you like the concept. Comment below to let me know. and don’t forget to share and spread the word 🙂


Thanks for reading.


Keep Learning 😉



  • Antonio

    I admire people like you. You should more guides related to wifi sniffing, MITM, etc. ^_^

    • Thanks Antonio. More on WiFi hacking is coming soon… stay connected 🙂

  • disqus_H65NwhJdV1

    Thanks for the information. Very helpful and informative. Although I know there is plenty of information on for Metasploit; some examples/tutorials would be helpful. Appreciate you taking your time to share the info you have.

    • Sure.
      I have already started working on a Metasploit Guide for Beginners. It’s already at 7000 Words and hopefully will go up to 10K.

      I hope it’ll be a very good source of learning stuff that people are still not aware about.

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