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Generating wealth with cryptocurrencies – ToC

I am creating a definitive guide on generating wealth with crypto on the following list of topics. My estimation is that it would go as strong as 4000+ words.
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Rough Table of Contents

  • Investing
    1. How to select currencies
    2. Predicting next bitcoin?
    3. How to buy
    4. How to store currencies
      • Online wallets  (Pro/cons and examples)
        1. Exchange wallet
        2. Third party wallet
        3. Exchange wallet vs Third party wallet
      • Offline wallets
      • Hardware wallets
      • Paper wallets
    5. Safer and convenient way to store
    6. What can go wrong?
      • Lost currency
        1. Losing private keys
        2. Sending to wrong address
        3. Hacks
      • Devaluation (price running to ground)
      • Govt. regulation (banning)
      • Developer backout
      • Vulnerability (affecting reputation)
  • Trading
    1. Flat-crypto currency trading
    2. Pure crypto trading
    3. Where to trade
    4. Automating trading
  • Master node
    1. What is master node
    2. How to host master node
    3. How to select the currency for master node
    4. Rewards and reinvesting
    5. Maintaining master node
    6. How to secure your currency
  • Mining
    1. What is mining and what exactly happens
    2. What you need for mining
      • Local mining (ASIC hardware)
        1. What all to consider
        2. When it is profitable
      • Cloud mining
        1. How to choose cloud mining company
        2. Rewards and Reinvestment
        3. What to avoid
    3. Mining pools
    4. Is mining dead
    5. Should you invest in crypto mining
  • Solution development
    • Deploying private blockchain
      1. Private blockchain
      2. How it be used
      3. How to deploy
      4. Possible customer
    • Ethereum based solutions
      1. Ethereum tokens
      2. Dapps (Distributed apps)
      3. DAO (Digital Distributed organisations)
  • Creating your own currency
    1. What to use
    2. How to proceed


My estimation is that this article would go as strong as 4000+ words.

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