RWSPS: Introduction to Wireshark – [ch3pt2]


Introduction to Wireshark

Hello friends,

This is the Second part of Chapter 3 from the “Rootsh3ll WiFi Security and Pentesting Series“. In case you missed the previous chapter you can read here.

In Chapter 2, We will cover:

  • Introduction to Aircrack-ng Suite of tools
  • Introduction to Wireshark
  • WEP cracking using Aircrack-ng
  • WPA/WPA2 Personal cracking using Aircrack-ng
  • WPS cracking

In this chapter we will cover the RED part.
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Rootsh3ll Wi-Fi Security and Pentesting Series (RWSPS) – Preface

[RWSPS] Rootsh3ll WiFi Security and Pentesting Series- preface

ANNOUNCEMENT: Series is now complete as per index. For future updates consider following WiFi FAQs Section

Are you seeking for complete Wi-Fi Security and Penetration Testing tutorials under one hood? Well, you are at right place.

Rootsh3ll Wi-Fi Security and Pentesting Series (RWSPS) is a complete guide for Wi-Fi Pentesting that will take you through all the challenges faced by aspiring Hackers, Penetration testers, or Security enthusiasts.
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