Evil Twin Attack:
The Definitive Guide

by Hardeep Singh Last updated Feb. 16, 2019

Evil Twin Attack

In this article I’ll show you how an attacker performs an Evil twin Attack to retrieve cleartext WPA2 passphrase on automation using a fake Access Point.

I am using a sample web page for the demonstration.
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The Ultimate Fake Access Point [Walkthrough]

by Hardeep Singh Last updated Feb. 10, 2019

Assuming that you are capable of setting up a fake access point and setup Apache configuration accordingly to fool victim(s) I am beginning this walk-through.

In this scenario, we are using one alfa wireless adapter and an Ethernet connection (under VM) for optional Internet accessibility.
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How to Hack WiFi with Rogue Access Point

by Hardeep Singh Last updated Feb. 10, 2019

rogue access point rootsh3ll

It is often pain in the butt to setup a working Rogue Access Point with (isc!) DHCP server.

Most users either don’t know how to hack WiFi or find a hard time configuring the required setup.
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Installing and Configuring Kali Linux [2018 Update]

by Hardeep Singh Last updated Feb. 10, 2019

[RWSPS] -Rootsh3ll Wireless Security and Pentesting Series- ch1pt2

In the previous post i.e Chapter 1: Part 1, we learned

  • Hardware/Software requirements of the series
  • How to install Kali Linux in a VMWare Workstation(Virtual machine), and
  • Setting up and configuring Alfa card (Wireless adapter) in Kali Linux

We will cover the remaining of Chapter 1 in this post.
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Create Linux Live USB

by Hardeep Singh Last updated Feb. 7, 2019

Create MultiBootable USB from Windows

Ever wondered how to create Linux USB installer?

To install Windows |  Linux | Anti-virus Rescue Disks from single USB  stick.

I will cover 3 steps in this tutorial.

  • Benefits
  • Tools Required
  • Create Kali Linux bootable USB

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Automated WiFi Cracking

by Hardeep Singh Last updated Feb. 10, 2019

Wifite is a Linux based WiFi cracking tool (comes pre-installed on Kali) coded in Python. It is used to automate the hacking process and aims at minimizing the user inputs by scanning and using Python for automation techniques.
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